A Brighter Tomorrow for Our Children

Dr. WalshThis website celebrates the miracles, experiences, and stories that have resulted from the research discoveries developed by Dr. Thomas J. Walsh and his research teams.  Dr. Walsh has focused his entire career on helping the weakest of the weak – children with cancer that are ravaged by infectious disease.  As chemotherapy and radiation therapy cure the cancer, these children have little or no immune system left to protect them.  Rare bacteria and fungi, normally irradicated by a healthy immune system, grow unabated in these helpless children ultimately leading to devistating illnesses and in many cases, death.  Dr. Walsh’s research has developed new medical therapies for these children that have changed the prognosis from 100% fatal to a strong chance of beating the disease.  His accomplishments include:
  • Developing new strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of life-threatening infections in children with cancer and other impairments of their immune system
  • Training many of the world’s leading experts in the care of children with weakened immune systems who are suffering from serious infections
However, not all the battles are won today.  Until they are, Dr. Walsh and his team will work tirelessly to help the weakest of our children.
In addition to his world-class research, Dr. Walsh proudly served as a Captain in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps until his retirement in 2010.  This underpublicized but vital public healthcare resource led by our Surgeon General serves our citizens during national disasters providing essential and timely medical care to its victims  Dr. Walsh personally provided medical care to scores of our citizens affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina,.
The personal, heart-felt contributions in this site illustrate the significance of the work that Dr. Walsh has accomplished during his 25-year career.  It is essential that Dr. Walsh and his research continue to bring the gift of life to our nation’s children who are the weakest of the weak.