Dr. Walsh’s Commitment

Brief Biography

“We have helped to develop from bench to bedside major new treatments for life threatening infectious diseases. The success of our clinical trials has been possible through the excellent collaborative work our consortia and multi-member national and international study groups.”

~ Dr. Thomas J. Walsh, MD

Dr. Walsh has dedicated his life to preventing infectious diseases.  Whether personally caring for seriously ill patients, immersed in clinical research, or mentoring the next generation of physician-scientists, Dr. Walsh is deeply devoted to improving the lives of the public he serves.
Dr. Walsh received his M.D. from John Hopkins University School of Medicine.  His next ten years were spent training at John Hopkins, the University of Maryland, and the National Cancer Institute.  He completed studies in infectious diseases and oncology, while also receiving additional training in pathology, pharmacology, immunology, and medical mycology.  Experise in all these fields were necessary to effectively address the challenges posed by infectious diseases in children battling cancer and HIV.  As chief of the Immunocompromised Host Section in the Pediatric Oncology Branch, Dr. Walsh applied his expertise to address the multidisciplinary problems of infections in immuno-compromised patients with cancer and HIV infection.  Joining the Weill Cornell Medical College in 2010, Dr. Walsh and his team continue their life-saving work.
A true American hero, Dr. Walsh reaches out to those who need his help in times of national and regional emergencies. On the day of the 9/11 tragedy in New York City, Dr. Walsh and three physician friends responded on their own initiative, disregarding their own safety, to care for the victims and primary responders near ground zero.  He serves as a Captain with the United States Public Health Service and was deployed with the PHS to assist in the care of the Brentwood postal employees who were exposed to anthrax spores.  During the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Dr. (Capt.) Walsh lent his expertise to the victims. In Louisiana, he served in three missions: Immunization Team Leader, Incident Public Health Service Commander of the Alexandria evacuation shelters, and Field assessment for evacuees and evacuation shelter at risk.  Further serving with the PHS, he volunteered in the emergency immunization campaign for school children of Washington DC and also served as the Senior Ranking Officer for the PHS field medical hospital caring for the public attending the funeral of President Ronald Reagan.
Despite his long work hours, Dr. Walsh finds time to be a dedicated family man.  Dr. Walsh and his wife, Sherril have two daughters.  Dr. Walsh shows his commitment to his family by serving as an official at his daughters’ swim meets, camping with his family, or volunteering at his children’s school functions.
Dr. Walsh in known to immerse himself in laboratory investigation and clinical research.  It is this dedication to clinical care which we want to support.  The clinical and laboratory research leads to discoveries that allow a child or an adult the chance to live longer or survive a devastating infection.
The research contributions within each program improve health on a nationwide level.  The medicinal advancements achieved by research and development address the needs and problems of public health.  Dr. Walsh and his research and clinical teams work diligently to bring miracles to everyone.
The process of research and development is long and full of trial and error.  It takes patience, determination, and true passion to devote your life to such an occupation.  Dr. Walsh and his research team deserve gratitude and celebration for their labor and fortitude.  They strive for excellence in medication bringing about medical advances that in-turn create miracles.